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Mon 10 of Sep, 2007

Welcome on my personal web project at You might find different information here, some of it might be outdated, especially the information stored on the pages reachable on the Menu on the right side. Most current information might be found in my blogexternal link, so please go there if you like to know whats really going on.

Some entry points:

external, but related to some projects I'm involved:

Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. You will find my email on the bottom of this page.

Fri 11 of Mar, 2005

Do you realize that something has changed? Yeah, I moved my page to a wiki. You are now able to correct any wrong assumptions or diskuss anything I wrote. And I am able to change the whole thing much easier, so everything should be fine for all of us from now on ;)

Sun 09 of Jan, 2005

A new year for all of us, and a new page for those who are interested in it ;) And especially for me, cause the contrast of the old one was to low for my old eyes... So enjoy it.

Mon 06 of Sep, 2004

Hey, after 10 years using the net its time to publish a own site. Why? Cause i found many helpful things in these years and now its time to give something back. On the other hand, I can myself read some things I did on my machine once again - if my machine or my brain should crash its not a problem anymore. Shurly it will take some time till its really filled with contents, but someday...

Hey, nach 10 Jahren Internet-Nutzung ist es Zeit, mal ne eigene Seite ins Netz zu stellen. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch mir. Warum? Na, vor allem, damit ich mal anfange das zurueckzugeben, was ich genommen habe. Und alles, was ich hier an meinem Computer verzapfe, nochmal im Netz nachlesen kann. Klar, wird noch etwas dauern, bis hier richtig 'content' zu finden ist, aber ich geb mir alle Muehe. sicher! Und darum versuch ich auch, das meiste in englisch zu schreiben, also viel Spass beim rueckuebersetzen...

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I want to say Danke Shoen!

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